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Tangor: ‘Tuwaqachi’ (The World Complete, English and Spanish)

Note: here is another section/scene, number #8, and to some degree interfacing with its past one, scene seven, and again very little, in the progressing Journey of Tangor, some portion of the Haggard Planets.


From scene seven [7]: “Consequently, inside a couple of hours, the boat was in the groove again as far a water supply was (it presently had all that anyone could need), and his next goal was a space rock, as large as the territory of Texas, a separation away. He needed to quantify its locales, its polar span contrasted with earths.”

Scene eight [8]: it was 1012 Promotion, and Tangor arrived on his extraordinary space rock, the size of Texas, he found a progress there, it was an inquisitive one without a doubt. As he was going to begin take a shot at his venture (estimations), in the Polar Areas utilizing his boat’s innovation, he had gotten the hang of something very fascinating, so intriguing, it halted his undertaking totally.

Innovation was practically outdated in the city he had found subsequent to arriving outside of it, an isolate realm or something to that affect. Here as he strolled among its kin, he had found there was no composition, the occupants of the city turned to genuine memory, hence making composing a repulsive deterrent more than anything. However, the occupants didn’t look all that vastly different than he; other than they were slimmer, taller, and their heads somewhat more pointed, and all appeared to have rosy or coppery hair. They all spoke in one tongue, a similar language, along these lines the Scriptural Babel maybe didn’t arrive at this race, so Tangor finished up. It was a bustling city, one similar to the mountain city he recalled on earth, Huancayo, in the Andean heaps of Peru. He had requested bearings to the Legislative head of the city, or any authority to get consent to do an independent endeavor on the planetoid. Presently encompassed, and circled by the occupants, he discovered they were delayed to reply, as though they were guessing what him might be thinking. Furthermore, inside a couple of moments, out of a royal residence entryway, came Aytas; ruler of the space rock planet.

Said he in plane English, as though he had lived on earth,

“Come Tangor, go along with me; we have a lot to discuss.” Tangor was astonished, how could he know his name, his considerations, maybe his, thought processes.

As they strolled into and through the castle, to a living room, the lord requested nourishment and drink for Tangor: he requested it without saying a word, however to Tangor, he talked, and again I should state, generally excellent English.

“I was,” said the ruler, “I was on earth several years back, for I’m more than 700 years of age now. You are on the greatest space rock you do acknowledge in the space rock belt. Furthermore, do you understand Tangor this is the earth year for the solstice sun and the galactic focuses to arrange. It will happen soon, in your winter period. This is my Archkingdom, and you will be allowed to investigate all you wish, however first I should disclose a couple of things to you, for I see them in your brain.”

“My psyche,” said Tangor, “you can peruse my contemplations, astonishing capacities, what year is it here?”

“It doesn’t make a difference, we have had our cycle, we are beyond…let me clarify, sit back, and make the most of your guinea pig, I realize you like them, you’ve eaten it enough occasions while in the Andean piles of Peru.”

Tangor took a gander at the grinning old ruler, and ate varyingly, as he started to talk.

“It was the finish of the fourth sun age for earth, however for us, the “Age of the divine beings? It is this year, the winter solstice sun on earth will line up with the galactic focus, which occurred 7000-years back, and will happen”

Asked Tangor, to the ruler:

“Earth feels this is the apocalypse, with every one of its wars and inconveniences, what is your sentiment?”

“It is the end of one age and the start of another, as our own was 500 years back, here on this space rock planet. At which time we set more things aside, different things aside you could state, you are going into a higher age, if without a doubt you can endure this one, this finish of an age; along these lines, you will have another degree of capacity of awareness, less realism, if that bodes well.”

The ruler sat back in his seat, as did Tangor, simply wrapping up his incredible dinner, washing it down with a little pisco, Peruvian alcohol. At that point the two of them stood up, investigated and through the ruler’s telescope, into the sky.

“It will be a quick moving toward change,” said the ruler, “this is a period for incredible understanding, inconspicuous powers are grinding away. Changing of the ages isn’t simple; the fifth sun has made vitality, for this new rising age for man on earth. Quantum material science will assist you with characterizing your god- – your concealed power, insight. This fifth stage is called ‘Tuwaqachi’ (The World Complete).”

At that point the ruler clarified a portion of the progressions to occur to Tangor, his psyche totally lost the extent that needing to go do any estimations in the shafts of the planetoid.

The ruler currently turned on what Tangor thought about a T.V, a colossal one, the screen being a holograph of sorts, in slender air, similar to a mist, emerging, however it was electrical, and there was a scene as he centered his eyes, a blowout of sorts, individuals moving, and drinking, He was astounded at is clearness, at that point out of nowhere he could smell the corn and the nourishments in the image being appeared, it was a live picture, of a celebration in Trinidad.

“How is this conceivable,” he asked the ruler.

“You earthlings just think around two sorts of powers: sight and sound, however there are five you know: contact, smell and taste, these still stay outsider to you, and do say, for you to find.

Tangor said no more. It was all mind blowing however yet he saw it, heard it, smelt it. Along these lines, he finished up, on the off chance that it would seem that a duck, seems like a duck, and scents like one, it must be.

Said the Ruler, “We are in, what can be known as the ‘Silver Age’ as earth will enter, and where extraordinary flourishing on all levels will show up for you as it has for us. We have numerous thoughts, and with these we look for flawlessness in the individual, as a class. We are presently taking a gander at time as a deception, in excess of a reality, development, or activity. The shroud up to this point can’t be puncture, however it is just a cover.”

Composed: 12/30/2005/finished 1/2/2006

In Spanish

Deciphered by Nancy Penaloza

Tangor: “Tuwaqachi”

(El mundo completo)

Viajero Espacial

Nota: este es un nuevo capitulo/episodio, Nº# 8, y algo conectado an uno previo, el episodio siete, y nuevamente casi, pequeño, en el viaje en desarrollo de Tangor, parte de los planetas cadavéricos.


Desde el episodio siete (7): “Así, dentro de unas pocas horas, la nave estuvo en camino de regreso tan immediately como el suplemento de agua acabó, (este ahora tenia mas que suficiente), y su próximo destino period un asteroide, tan grande como el estado de Texas, an una distancia lejana. El quería medir sus regiones, su radio polar comparado a la tierra”.

Episodio (8): El año period 1012 Risks de Cristo, y Tangor aterrizó sobre su gran asteroide, del tamaño de Texas, el encontró allí una civilización, esto fue algo curioso de verdad. Apenas el estuvo cerca de empezar a trabajar en su proyecto (medida), en las regiones polares usando la tecnología de su nave, el había aprendido algo casi interesante, tan interesante, esto paralizó su proyecto completamente.

La tecnología period casi obsoleta en la ciudad que el había encontrado después de aterrizar al otro lado de esto, un reino amurallado de alguna forma, aquí, mientras el caminaba entre su gente, el había encontrado que no había escritura, los habitantes de la ciudad recurrían verdaderamente a la memoria, Así haciendo de la escritura un horrendous obstáculo mas que nothing. Pero los habitantes no parecían todos muy diferentes an el; otro que ellos eran mas delgados, mas altos, y sus cabezas un poco puntiagudas, y todos parecían tener cabellos rojizos o castaños. Todos ellos hablaban en una lengua, el mismo lenguaje, Así el Babel bíblico talvez no alcanzó an esta raza, entonces, Tangor concluyó, esta period una ciudad poblada, semejante an una ciudad en la montaña que el recordaba sobre la tierra, Huancayo, en los Andes montañosos de Perú. El había preguntado por la dirección del gobernador de la Ciudad, o algún oficial para conseguir permiso para hacer una sola expedición sobre el planeta. Ahora rodeado y acorralado por los habitantes, el encontró que ellos eran flojos para responder, como si ellos estuvieran leyendo su mente. Y en pocos minutos, fuera de la puerta del palacio, vino Aytas; rey del planeta asteroide.

Dijo él en un Ingles claro, como si el hubiera vivido sobre la tierra,

“Ven Tangor, sígueme; nosotros tenemos mucho acerca para conversar”.

Tangor estaba sorprendido, como sabía él su nombre, sus pensamientos, talvez sus, motivos.

Mientras ellos caminaban dentro y a través del palacio, hacia un lugar del cuarto, el rey ordenó comida y bebida para Tangor: El ordeno esto sin decir una palabra, pero para Tangor, el hablo, y nuevamente yo debo decir, muy buen Ingles.

“Yo estuve”. Dijo el Rey, “Yo estuve sobre la tierra hace cientos de años, por que yo tengo mas de 700 años de edad ahora. Tú, estas sobre el más grande asteroide que tú puedas imaginar en la zona de los asteroides. Y tú puedes imaginar Tangor este es el año de la tierra para el solsticio sunlight based y los centros galácticos se alinearan. Esto pasará right now, en tu periodo invernal. Este es el arco de mi reino, y

Tú estarás libre para explorar todo lo que desees, pero primero yo debo explicarte unas pocas cosas a ti, por que yo los vi en tu mente”.

“Mi mente”, dijo Tangor, “Tu puedes sneer mis pensamientos, maravillosa habilidad, ¿Que Año es aquí?”.

“Esto no tiene ninguna importancia, nosotros hemos tenido nuestro ciclo, nosotros estamos lejos…déjame explicarte, siéntate, y disfruta tu cuy, yo se que te gusta, tu has comido de esto suficiente mientras estabas en las montañas de los Andes de Perú”.

Tangor miró el sonriente viejo Rey, y comió variadamente, mientras comenzaba a hablar.

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