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What is the Perfect Sum For Tips in Egypt?

“Tipping” or “administration” as the West calls it don’t completely communicate the reason for the training referred to in Egypt as baksheesh.

Tipping isn’t simple in Egypt. With apparently unlimited circumstances requiring a tip or the like and for all intents and purposes no set standards – and the additional disarray of swelling – you are as often as possible left speculating the proper add up to give. The expression on the beneficiary’s face when they take a look at what you’ve given doesn’t explain things.

The normal yearly salary in Egypt is about $1500US per year (2006) and the poor may make far not exactly US$ 40 per month. Tipping, in this manner, is and essential piece of life in Egypt and a couple of pounds will have any kind of effect in man’s life. This doesn’t intend to give out cash like you’re the Ruler of Persia, either. Be liberal or not, as you like, yet recollect don’t let it ruin your outing.

This issue prompts the issue of what sum is suitable to pay. The subtleties of the baksheesh framework are natural to an Egyptian, yet can be exceptionally befuddling for an outsider.

As a rule for tipping in Egypt, it is viewed as suitable to tip between US$ 5-10 for each individual for each day for his excursion to Egypt and here is a synopsis of how this tipping is conveyed over one’s outing.

Travel Organization Agent 20 – 30 L.E.

Aides 40 – 60 L.E. (Every Day)

Drivers 10 L.E. (Every Day)

Felucca Commander 20 – 30 L.E. (for the 2 night Felucca voyage)

Journey Commander 10 L.E. (every night on the vessel)

Watchmen and Lodging Staff 2 – 5 L.E. (per administration rendered)

For more insights regarding how you can convey your tips;

Air terminal

The primary chance to tip during movement is normally after showing up at the air terminal or train station. Here are some tipping rules:

Doorman or skycap – $2 per pack or more if the sacks are substantial. $2 extra for curbside registration is discretionary. In the event that you show up after the expected time and he causes you find a good pace on schedule, tip an extra $5-20.

Electric truck driver – $2-$3 an individual.

Wheelchair pusher – On the off chance that they are simply pushing you down the incline from the door to the plane (or in switch), at that point nothing. On the off chance that it is from the ticket counter to the door/plane or from the entryway/plane to the baggage merry go round, at that point $5 is proper. Tip more on the off chance that they help you with your gear ($1-2 for every pack) or on the off chance that they help you to your vehicle. In the event that they are pushing you starting with one terminal then onto the next (long separations), at that point $10-20 would be proper in addition to extra for gear. Tip less in the event that they are upsetting or discourteous.

Visit guides

Check ahead. On the off chance that the tip isn’t as of now included, give 10-15% of the visit cost. No under $3-4 for a half-day visit, $5-7 for an entire day visit, and $15-25 for seven days in length visit. This is a for each individual rate. Tip private visit directs more. On the off chance that the transport driver is especially useful, at that point tip $1-2.

Lodgings and Sea shores

Bellboys, sea shore young men and others who serve you in the lodging hope to be paid extra and frequently utilize your positive state of mind during your excursion. Sightseers shift generally in their assessments on the amount to tip inn staff, with certain vacationers deciding not to tip at all as the lodging charges a help charge.

The individuals who do tip will give from the unassuming $ 1 to the bellboy and the person who helps discover you a parlor seat and umbrella on the sea shore, to an unrestrained $ 20 toward the finish of a visit for the individuals who convey your clothing and tidy up your room. On the off chance that suppers are remembered for movement bundle, $0.5-1 on the table for each individual to state thank you to the assistance that needs to clear the tables and do the whole snort work to ensure you are served a decent feast.

Voyage ships

Discover ahead of time. In the event that you should tip, see whether it is done toward the finish of the outing or at the hour of administration. Generally, toward the finish of the voyage you are given envelopes proposed tip sums. In the event that you should tip, spending plan about $5-10 every day.

Server – $3 every day per individual.

Lodge steward – $3 every day per individual.

Waiting assistant – $1.5 every day per individual.

Maitre d’ – a bit much except if exceptional administrations gave.

Bar steward – Normally, 15% is consequently added to charge.

Tipping on Sleeper Train

Tipping on trains can be confounding in light of the fact that the vast majority don’t go via train frequently and the circumstances can be befuddling. For example, some of the time the feast is incorporated, once in a while it isn’t.

Eating vehicle servers, stewards and bar vehicle servers: 15 percent of bill (or evaluated cost of feast when included)

Red tops, or doormen: $1 per sack

Dozing vehicle orderly: $5 per traveler every day


There is no deficiency of variables in deciding the amount you should leave as a tip. A few people decide not to leave one due to the 8-12 percent administration charge consequently put on the tab. Be that as it may, for the individuals who would like to leave a bonus, the best possible sum relies upon the sort of café, number of individuals eating and what amount was requested.

For restaurants, for example, Stew’s and Johnny Carino’s, the standard tip is typically US$ 1-5; especially poor assistance justifies a tip that differs from nothing to US$ 1, albeit not many individuals leave without tipping. For upscale diners including lodging eateries, the vast majority leave anyplace between US$ 4-10. For an especially enormous supper shared by a gathering of at least five individuals, many leave 20 percent rather than the standard 15.


Nothing is more nauseating than tidying up after another person, particularly in the washroom. The people who do this for you at the air terminal, emergency clinic, shopping centers and some other open spot ought to be treated with more regard. In addition to the fact that they are left with work that a significant number of us don’t need do in our own homes, yet they are lashed out at and shouted at for not working superbly, when there’s extremely just so much they can do.

For the individual who gives you the couple pieces of paper on your way into the restroom, a US$ 0.5-1 tip ought to be acceptable. Not exclusively will they value it, yet you will likewise be told which slow down is the cleanest.

Tipping Kitty

Some movement offices would make a focal tipping kitty which is dealt with by the visit chief who circulates the correct measure of tipping to the individuals who served the traveler as indicated by the sort of administration rendered. Aside from this it is entirely expected to tip a specific people that you feel has been particularly mindful to your requirements for the term of the stay rather than a once off help. Most won’t expect the tip until the day you are leaving or before at any rate.

Special case

A special case, however – don’t tip somebody in the event that you approach them for headings, regardless of whether they demand changing bearings and strolling you most of the way to your goal. It is viewed as discourteous to offer cash for such a straightforward solicitation. Cab drivers are not tipped as the expense is settled upon ahead of time

Regardless of whether financial thankfulness is shown, Egyptians are in every case glad to help in any capacity they can. All things considered, baksheesh will be a baffling game for all newcomers to Egypt, however it is almost this framework works. The most significant thing is knowing the principles of the game with the goal that the outsider is likewise an educated voyager. Along these lines, baksheesh will turn into a device, as opposed to a disturbance.

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